Looking For Cleaning Service?

The cleaning industry is one of a handful of industries that is growing with people’s need of an efficient cleaning service provider being greater than ever. We have chosen to be involved in this venture so as to provide people with what they need in the cleaning department. We, at A Plus Cleaning Services, know that our clients want a well-organized cleaning service that will make their house or any other building spotless. We are here to provide them with that. As such, we provide our clients with a professional cleaning crew, and state of the art cleaning technologies. Under our line of business, we provide a range of services.
We provide a variety of services in the cleaning sector. We provide the following services:
  • General building cleaning
  • Janitorial service
  • Residential building cleaning
  • Commercial building cleaning
  • Floor scrubbing and polishing
  • Glue removing
  • Sofa and carpet shampooing
  • Power washing
  • Interior appliances cleaning
  • Event cleaning
  • Garbage collection
  • Post construction cleaning
  • External high access facades cleaning
  • Water tank cleaning
  • Construction machinery onsite cleaning
  • Hotel and hospital cleaning
  • Laundry services
  • Pest & rodent control
  • Mobile Toilette leasing
  • Liquid Waste removal
  • Liaison works services
  • Sewage clearing